Razorcake #116 (July 2020)

Razorcake #116 (July 2020)

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Razorcake #116, featuring Brontez Purnell, Erica Dawn Lyle, Lisa Fancher (Frontier Records), Nate Powell, and The Pretty Flowers

Cover by James Spooner

Photo by Amina Cruz

Brontez Purnell: Interview by Johnnie Jungleguts and Daryl Gussin

Erica Dawn Lyle: Interview by Michael T. Fournier

Lisa Fancher: Interview by Martin Wong and Todd Taylor

Nate Powell: Interview by Rick V.

The Pretty Flowers: Interview by Kevin Dunn

Donna Ramone disinfects viral stupidity. (instagram)

Jim Ruland is a hipless gumshoe losing traction. (instagram, website, twitter)

Sophia Zarders gets ticked when you tock. (instagram, website)

Sean Carswell and the disease of economics. (instagram)

Rev. Nørb thinks that, despite its name, Razorcake could make a fine toilet paper. (instagram, website)

Michelle Cruz Gonzales and punk-preparedness. (instagram)

Elly Dallas is an art mentor and knows a Donkey named Dottie. (instagram)

Puro Pinche Poetry: Gritos Del Barrio (Edited by Ever Velasquez (instagram) and Eugenia Nicole (instagram)

My Country Dances Across My Face

“How beautiful is the sky when no one can claim it”

Azin Mafi

Roque Torres looks east. (instagram)

Ben Snakepit reconnects with old friends. (instagram)

Rhythm Chicken ruffles some feathers as the Les Nessman of Door County. (instagram)

Art Fuentes and the narcissism of the bloated peach. (instagram, twitter)

Rum Lad and the ’90s U.K. bands they wish they’d seen. (instagram)

And photos from the lovely and talented:
Dan Monick (instagram, website, twitter)

Chris Boarts Larson (instagram, facebook, website)

Rachel Murray Framingheddu
(instagram, website)

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Judy Alvarado

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