Razorcake #117 (Sept 2020)

Razorcake #117 (Sept 2020)

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Razorcake 117, featuring Myriam Gurba, The Dumpies, Bad Moves, Patrick Kindlon, and One Punk’s Guide to John Waters

Cover by MariNaomi

Photo by Geoff Cordner

Myriam Gurba: Interview by Chris Terry

The Dumpies: Interview by Kevin Dunn

Bad Moves: Interview by Donna Ramone

Patrick Kindlon: Interview by Kurt Morris

One Punk’s Guide to John Waters by Billups Allen
Donna Ramone reminisces about when conspiracy theories used to be fun. (instagram)

Jim Ruland encourages you to film to police. (instagram, website, twitter)

Sophia Zarders illustrates the virtual community of a pandemic. (instagram, website)

Sean Carswell knows that all work and no play make the Silver Fox a dull boy. (instagram)

Rev. Nørb is rubbing his thermometer against the heated bulb and looking for freedom. (instagram, website)

Jennifer Whiteford is reading for the revolution.

Elly Dallas blades through quarantine. (instagram)

Puro Pinche Poetry: Gritos Del Barrio (Edited by Ever Velasquez (instagram) and Eugenia Nicole (instagram)


having an addict for a parent makes you wonder
if adults can be trusted
then when you’re an adult, you can’t be trusted either.
–Andrea Ramos

RoQue Torres takes another brick out of the wall. (instagram)

Ben Snakepit works from home and taunts the facially follicly challenged. (instagram)

Rhythm Chicken marinates his brain in the barbecue sauce of minor celebrity. (instagram)

Art Fuentes and the shit pile of King Poo-Poo. (instagram, twitter)

Designated Dale survived Covid and tells the tale.

Jamaica Dyer sees the solidarity of BLM. (instagram)

And photos from the lovely and talented:
Halline Overby (instagram)

Chris Boarts Larson (instagram, facebook, website)

Rachel Murray Framingheddu
(instagram, website)

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Little Richard.

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