Razorcake 3 issue bundle!

Razorcake 3 issue bundle!

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Get 3 random issues of Razorcake for the price of 2 and a quarter! That's about 336 pages from dozens and dozens of diverse contributing voices from all walks of life in your hands. Give your eyes a break from the screens and stock up on reading material for the great power outage of 2022.

Razorcake/Gorsky Press, Inc. (RC/GP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit multidisciplinary arts organization. Its core mission is publishing Razorcake, a magazine dedicated to DIY punk, independent culture, and amplifying unheard voices.

RC/GP provides consistent coverage of do-it-yourself punk culture that you won’t find anywhere else. We believe in positive, progressive, community-supportive DIY punk. We do our part

DIY punk culture is often misrepresented, misunderstood, and the target of corporate exploitation. Razorcake supports a legitimate community of punk music and culture as the only bona fide 501(c)(3) non-profit music magazine in the US.

Our bi-monthly fanzine is a one-of-a-kind resource for the DIY punk community. Over the years, RC/GP has developed this resource to help document every facet of this culture. The RC/GP umbrella also includes book publishing, record pressing, live shows and readings, and a web presence that maintains weekly podcasts, webcomics, and videos.

Getting the mag part 1 mini-doc by cinemadaz 

Getting the mag part 2 mini-doc by cinemadaz 

 Donation 2019

Eastside Punks Razorcake produced Doc #3 The Stains


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