Countdown To Oblivion - Discography 12"
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Countdown To Oblivion - Discography 12"

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The discography includes :
"Death Rattle" Demo (A1 to A9)
"Starting Fires" split 7" with They Live (B1 to B3)
"Brain Surgery For Beginners" 7" (B4 to B7)

COUNTDOWN TO OBLIVION: Discography: LP Step back a little over ten years ago and marvel at how fast time moves and consider all the changes. Formed in 1998, this Canadian gang of thrashers (members of the Swarm One Blood, etc.) put out a demo, and two EPs (one a split with They Live) in the early part of this century. Their style was a mix of hardcore punk with some metallic elements (especially in the guitar riffs and some solos). A mix of Born Against, powerviolence and Y2K thrash, which was when these guys formed. The songs are fast, well executed, and the lyrics are sarcastic, but with a point, often critiquing the punk scene, as well as the insecurities and absurdity of society at large.

The structure and riffs in "4 Alarm Fire..." is insane; a lot of near tech metal riffs, and there's a crunching main riff that makes the song awesome. Comes on red vinyl and packaged in a gatefold cover with liner notes, as well as a separate lyric sheet. äóñMatt Average /razorcake (A389,

COUNTDOWN TO OBLIVION: Discography: LP I'll begin this by saying that Left For Dead was one of the most important bands in my young life, and that Chris Colohan's vocal style, lyrics, and overall approach in those early years left an indelible mark on me. For those who don't know, CTO was one of Colohan's many late '90s/early '00s bands, and while not sounding terribly unlike Left For Dead or The Swarm, CTO ramped up the Euro metal influence and brought a more chaotic vibe to the table.

This record combines the band's Brain Surgery for Beginners EP, the split with They Live, and demo tracks. Remastered, repackaged, and finally seeing the slick release it deserves, thanks to the always classy gentleman that is Dom at A389. Essential shit. äóñDave Williams/razorcake (A389,

Death Rattle
A1 Open Season On Hecklers (Part 3) Laso In Ireland
A2 Spray P.E.C.
A3 To An End
A4 Take It Apart
A5 Poster Children For Family Values
A6 No Brainer
A7 Up In Flames
A8 The Way It Is
A9 I'll Do Anything
Brain Surgery For Beginners
B1 More Dead Kennedys (a.k.a. Single Bullshit Theory)
B2 Poster Children For Family Values
B3 Four Alarm Fire At Lockport Gambino Ford
B4 The Way It Is
B5 Take It Apart
B6 Spray P.E.C.
B7 The Fest Sex I Never Had
gatefold album, red vinyl, with insert & history by Chris Colohan

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