Razorcake #115 (April 2020)

Razorcake #115 (April 2020)

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Razorcake 115, featuring Sunny War, Keith Morris, Notches, Antietam, and One Punk’s Guide to Climate Change.


Cover by Erica Freas (website)
Photo by Daryl

Sunny War: Interview by Daryl Gussin and Chris Terry

Keith Morris: Interview by Todd Taylor and Jim Ruland

Notches: Interview by Dave Brushback

Antietam: Interview by Mike Faloon

One Punk’s Guide to Climate Change by Kevin Dunn

Donna Ramone considers radical kindness. (instagram)

Jim Ruland and the seaman-filled Freudian ship of the phallocentric military nightmare. (instagram, website, twitter)

Sophia Zarders and a gender-neutral rose by any other name... (instagram, website)

Sean Carswell and the virtue of the production of difference. (instagram)

Rev. Nørb makes snow angels in the garbage when the swinging whiffleball bat of adventure and romance finds hope in a flying tortilla . (instagram, website)

Designated Dale and Oscar Wilde are ageing in the parlor with a picture of George Burns.

Jamaica Dyer travels back to 2002 and teenage comics. (website)

Puro Pinche Poetry: Gritos Del Barrio (Edited by Ever Velasquez (instagram) and Eugenia Nicole (instagram)

Roque Torres frames a flowered crown. (instagram)

Ben Snakepit is the lone star of the punk rock Alamo. (instagram)

Rhythm Chicken knows that nothing is louder than a Painted Willie show. (instagram)

Art Fuentes is peachy. (instagram, twitter)

Jennifer Whiteford gets hit in the head with an apple that fell both near and far from the tree.

And photos from the lovely and talented:
Dan Monick (instagram, website, twitter)

Chris Boarts Larson (instagram, facebook, website)

Rachel Murray Framingheddu
(instagram, website)

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Armando Alvarado.

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