Sinkin' Ships / The Threat split 7"
Wounded Paw

Sinkin' Ships / The Threat split 7"

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Two of Toronto's greatest women in punk team up on wax before both bands ending or taking extended hiatus circa 2006. Members of THE THREAT went on to play with HELL YEAH FUCK YEAH, PISS HORN and THE BON. Sarah Sadie Threat joined with Rich from THE DOWNBELOWS and played as TEENAGE X. Naomi and Taco became BATTERY HEART and CACTUS VELLA joined the CLASS ASSASSINS and PLAN 37 also putting out a solo ep called "Sailin' On'. (Which is also the title of a cover song THE THREAT used to play live)

2 great songs by each band. (WOUNDED PAW)
Sinkin' Ships (Toronto) 1. Teacher Mother Secret Lover 2. My Plan To Ruin My Life
The Threat (Toronto) 1. No Funeral 2. KOS ξ ξ ξ ξ

Here is a video for the acoustic demo of "My Plan.." by Sinkin' Ships. The 7" contains electric version of this song.ξ

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