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Sedaced - eh

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A new release from this London-based band of Scots, a Brit and a Japanese who've spent time in the bands BROCCOLI, THE 'TONE, DEAD INSIDE and HARD SKIN. A mix of 1990s Washington, DC post-hardcore, melodic punk, and pop sounds recorded by ED DEEGAN (Part Chimp, Holly Golightly, Datsuns, Kills, White Stripes) and mastered by JEREMY DUBOIS (New Found Glory, Dashboard Confessional, Enablers, Less Than Jake).

from - Sedaced is an indie-pop/rock four-piece based in London. Lead singer/guitarist Scott Stewart was involved in many important bands in the UK underground during the 90s, the most notable being Broccoli.

The band's music carries on much in the vein of Scott's previous band Shonben, albeit somewhat darker and (perhaps consciously) more enigmatic. To this end, none of the songs on their six-track EP ('Eh', released on Newest Industry) have proper titles.

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