Panthro UK United 13 - Sound of a Gun
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Panthro UK United 13 - Sound of a Gun

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No Idea Release NIR-053 Released: February 28, 1998

PANTHRO U.K. UNITED 13: Shane Haven - drumsξ Alex Ulloa - vocals, guitar Jim Wysolmierski - bass Bryan Yeager - guitar Recorded by Rob McGregor at Turd Studios Summer 1997

1. Alien Kok
2. Sound of a Gun
3. P.U.K.U.13 Fight Song
4. Ducky Grudge Fuck
5. Princess
6. So Much To Hate
7. Ass Fucking Free-For All
8. Jackson
9. Randolph Mantooth
10. Perisoso

Panthro UK United 13 Bio:

Some dudes. Whoa! How fucking crazy would it be if you went up to Yakov Smirnov and said, "In Amereeka you kick ass. In Soviet Russia, ass kicks you!" And he just stood there and stared at you for a minute, and then beat the living shit out of you. Man, that would suck, but in an awesome way.

"The sound of this album can most easily be compared to Hot Water Music's album Fuel for the Hate Game. But the comparison is more based of off production and sound quality, because Panthro blazes ahead with mid-tempo punk rock more reminiscent of bands like the Mushuganas.

The more I try, the harder it is to really pin down another band that sounds like these guys. They're a pretty unique punk rock band that brings that little something extra to the table." (AllAgesNews via Punknews)

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