Shatterhand - Chaos And The Art Of Dissent
Unsane Asylum

Shatterhand - Chaos And The Art Of Dissent

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The 6th Full-length from Scottish Post-Hardcore quartet Shatterhand.
Recorded at Cava Studios, Glasgow Aug 2012.

Formed in late 1998, Shatterhand exploded onto the UK DIY scene with a passion for fast, melodic tunes, big choruses, political confrontation and an alarming amount of craft beer. (more on Shatterhand)

"This is the third release by UAR (Chattaooga) from Scotland's own Shatterhand! This is the first full length new release (with all new material) in seven years! The progression even went so far as they slowed it down a notch or two just so the boys could add a little bit more melody to the mix (and so their arms wouldn't fall off or Stuart's lungs explode from playing so fast!). There's already a big buzz abroad about this release due to an entire song about the Brewdog as well! Sweet." (John Shipyards, Unsane Asylum)

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