Angels Saints & Heroes - The Band That God Hates

Angels Saints & Heroes - The Band That God Hates

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...hit hard and fast, pissed off like a drunken bare-knuckle boxer. Born on the streets, they sing the battle hymns of the revolution with the streetwise passion you've come to expect from these grizzled scene veterans.

Featuring an impressive roster of ex-members, ANGELS SAINTS & HEROES boast the kind of star power only seen thus far in Hollywood movies. With members hailing from such power house acts such as THE HUDSON FALCONS and KING SIZE BRACES, these boys are equipped with the tools to do the job.

What job you ask?
None other than to single handedly save punk rock from the sorry shit state of affairs it wallows in today. A band with no equals, delivered from nowhere to save us all.
(full text at 77inthedark)

1. Fiddling With Nero
2. Stand Fast and Keep the Faith
3. (Radio Edit)
4. S.C.C.
5. Broken Heartland

hand screened digipak cd with lyrics booklet
pressing info unknown
legend lives on

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