Black Cougar Shock Unit - s/t
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Black Cougar Shock Unit - s/t

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"This is awesome, and this is why I love punk rock. The first track kicks out with the stupidest riff ever, then it all clicks and comes together as an amazing punk, rockabilly sing along. It sets the scene for the whole disc, excellent riffage, deep and loud bass and kicking drums.

If you didn't know this is every ex-Gainesville punk band ever, Alex from Panthro UK United 13 definitely wears the shoes as his songwriting inflects every track and his voice spits, sings and screams over the top. There is nothing original here but when this sound is this good, why bother changing it?

The second track you may have heard Panthro do on the recent No Idea records sampler, 'I'm not drunk, I hate you.' It is easily the best track on here and the rework is even better I feel, it took me a long while to get into this song but when it got there I couldn't turn it off. 'IM DONE FUCKING AROUND!' great!

I think this EP works well because of the ensemble ideas, don't really know how to explain it but everyone seems to sing, everyone bringing their own thing to the sound. These guys kicked my ass live twice this year, and this has been a mainstay in my CD player ever since.

Its just a short and sharp ride of fun, punk rock and singalongs. Really good stuff and awesome artwork too. If this was released on No Idea people would be creaming over it, so just because it isn't you should pick it up anyway. I can imagine a wide variety of people liking these and I hope they do.
Reviewed by Tony Era - Collective Zine

7 songs

de-boxed ships flat in sleeve

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