Gleam Garden / Browntrout / The Because / Your Pest Band split 7"
Dead Broke

Gleam Garden / Browntrout / The Because / Your Pest Band split 7"

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Black vinyl in white or green sleeve.
From Vincent Battilana Razorcake:
Browntrout: I first heard Browntrout on their split with Gleam Garden. I first heard Gleam Garden on their split with Dan Padilla. I checked out Dan Padilla because of Tiltwheel. So, in a way, I like Browntrout because I like Tiltwheel. So, if you like Tiltwheel, you might like Browntrout. If you don't like Tiltwheel, bummer for you. Anyhow, Browntrout is a pop punk band from Japan with strong melodic leanings. They have an upbeat sound that juxtaposes interestingly with their downtrodden lyrics. Great stuff!

From Razorcake Maddy:
Yes! How did I get so many good records for review this time around? I don't know! But never mind that! Time for a basic lesson in logic. Take Premise A: Every record on Snuffy Smiles is at least good, and often totally awesome. Take Premise B: This record is on Snuffy Smiles. Ergo? Yes, this rules! Total No-Idea-ish punk rock in the vein of Tiltwheel, Dan Padilla, and (a better) Hot Water Music. And I fully support taking a good formula (say, melodic punk rock, or Ramones-style garage rock) and creating record after record that all sound pretty similar, but all are, well, the equivalent of yummy Trix! Yes, we all know. There's Trix and there's Froot Loops. And, yes, they're similar, but do you hear me saying, "Gee, that Trix rabbit is just totally copying the Froot Loops toucan. I mean, I can hardly eat this stuff. It all tastes the same!"? Nay! Sugar is sugar! And punk rock is punk rock! And this record rules, even if both bands sound basically the same! äóñMaddy (Snuffy Smiles)

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