Legion DCLXVI - Black Goat Armageddon 12"
Schizophrenic Records

Legion DCLXVI - Black Goat Armageddon 12"

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MRR: "...Othewise I'm going ga-ga over the newest Legion 666 (or now DCLXVI) Lp Black Goat Armageddon on Schizophrenic Records from Canada. I have been a fan for a while but these guys have really transformed into a behemoth of HELLHAMMER, AMEBIX, BOLT THROWER, CELTIC FROST and WINTER inspired ferocity! Easily one of my favourite records this year along with the LIMB FROM LIMB Lp, which is not too far removed from LEGION's new Lp stylistically."
Blood red translucent w. black splatter

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