Spokenest - Gone, Gone, Gone lp
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Spokenest - Gone, Gone, Gone lp

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12 song, 30 minute LP of melody and dissonance.

I have a lot of love and respect for Daryl and Adrian, the fearless masterminds behind Spokenest. I remember being gobsmacked when watching Adrian wail on the drums for Together Pangea (formerly Pangea), while simultaneously belting jubilant vocal harmonies. Daryl used to play a two string bass in God Equals Genocide; that about sums up his playing style(economical, no frills. Hell, you can write a thousand songs with only the E and A string, anyway. In Spokenest, she provides the bangs and booms and he brings the distortion. It's is a literal and figurative marriage of their two distinct but complementary sensibilities: Daryl's hardcore-influenced yells and jagged strumming and Adrian's confident and dreamy vocal melodies. There's an addictive balance of fuzz-drenched noise and heartfelt vocals on songs like "Kind," "Whisper," and "TellMe." Other times, Spokenest angrily charges forward ("Listen" and "Other Way"). It's Superchunk and hardcore. Gone, Gone, Gone is easily one of favorite records of 2016." äóñSean Arenas - Razorcake (Self-released in US, spokenest.org / Available through Drunken Sailor in Europe)

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