The Dukes of Hillsborough - Generation Tinnitus 12"

The Dukes of Hillsborough - Generation Tinnitus 12"

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Have you ever thought of making love to a statue of Abraham Lincoln? Sweet love, not violent, shot-out-the-back-of-your-head love? In public? The Dukes have, and as a result of that public exchange of affection(let's not forget the foreplay of emancipation(is this Tampa stalwart's finest work to date. You may be familiar with the "iron and burlap" attack of the Dukes, but are you ready for some squirts of honeyed melody in that gunny sack? Strap on your twelve-pack beer case Viking helmets, strap Hank Malloy safely in his kid seat, and get ready for a wide-open ride the in country. For fans of Availäó_ and the end of slavery.

First Pressing - 500 blue mix (ADD)

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