The Enablers - Sweet Fuck All
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The Enablers - Sweet Fuck All

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Florida punk survivor Rob Coe (ex-Fay Wray) returns with a rough-hewn and rousing combo called the Enablers, and the Sweet Fuck All EP. It's a strong debut, packed with ringing guitar solos and united by Coe's lonesome rasp. "Tomorrow" is the best Replacements homage to appear in quite some time (and a modern classic in my books -JDM) -- it's three minutes of throat-ripping desperation ("She don't love me and that's a fact") and thick twin-guitar yearn.

Punk revivalism and country heartbreak share a barstool for "Break Your Heart" and "Better Friend," while the incredible "High and Outside" returns to the racket of Paul Westerberg's crew at its youngest and most furious. These are meat and potatoes references, to be sure. But that just means more of Sweet Fuck All will stick to your ribs. There's more mileage on Rob Coe's rusty vocal chords than the odometers of a thousand Econolines (Newest Industry)

comes with Enablers drink coaster
de-boxed ships flat

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