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Fans Of Bad Productions #9 50 Canadian bands Double 12" comp. 1998 A1 Soy (Arbiters Manifesto A2 Danko Jones (Samuel Sin A3 Acrid (Panic A4 Rubber Girlfriend (Queen Of The Neighbourhood A5 Daddy's Hands (I Hate Z Pank A6 Ulcer (Ramones (Motí_rhead) A7 Chitz (Break The Cycle A8 AK 47 (Prison House Of Nations A9 26 Letter Prison (5:39 A10 Doomtown - Slaves A11 Submission Hold (All People Are Created Equal... A12 M Blanket (Fonz A13 Never Too Late (Mistrust B1 Warface (Understand B2 Grade (We'll Get There, Just Not Yet B3 Blundermen (Chaos B4 Disassociate From Man (Savages B5 Render Useless (Becoming Anti-Human B6 Goatboy (Crossing The Border B7 Spazmz (Artfag B8 Swallowing Shit (If They Hated Me, They Will Hate You B9 One Eleven (False Alarm B10 Moral Panic (Stolen Land B11 Moaning Lisas (Lurking In The Dark C1 Bombshelter (Swift Pain C2 I Spy (In 20 Years C3 Dillinger Mob (Say It Ain't So C4 Pipebomb (Pressure C5 Phallocracy (Aqualung Leg C6 Third World Planet (Clear Cut C7 Third World Planet (Trends & Cliques C8 Mexican Power Authority (Orbit C9 Jonas (Eradicate C10 Kops For Christ (Why Be Someting That You're Not? C11 Black Market Fruits (Lifer C12 Infect (McDeath C13 Bound To Fall (Cause For Thought C14 Seized (The Drowning C15 Inertia Kills (No Limbs D1 Ex Dead Teenager (Afternoon Corpse Drawl D2 Hoodrat (Caste System D3 Equation Of State (My Suggestion Is You Fuck Off D4 Ignatz (Faint D5 Betty Ford (When Will It End? D6 Propagandhi (The Overtly Political But Oh So Personal Song D7 Crisis Of Faith (Consume D8 Hard To Say (In A Space Of 6 Weeks... D9 Hard To Say (Baby Shit Herself D10 Holocron (Gimerstick D11 Union Of Uranus (Pressure (Negative Approach) D12 Ten Dead Men (#9 D13 Dirty Bird (I May Be Ugly

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