40 Hells - shirt M
Anything But Radio

40 Hells - shirt M

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Debut 7" from 40 Hells on white vinyl
"Musically their style is a hard one to pin down, but classic Dischord bands such as GRAY MATTER and DAG NASTY definitely comes to mind, combined with a more modern "gruff" / anthemic punk rock vocal style and sound, without sounding fake or forced. There's also an element of HUSKER DU-esque guitar "chime" that you typically get with a Newest Industry band, and the lead guitar that you get on tracks such as "Broad River" is absolutely fantastic. For a debut release, this 7" really does go above and beyond the call of duty, and only hints at what we should expect from 40 HELLS in the future." -Monk Anything But Radio/Newest Industry

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