Crookedhook - Breathe Pollution
Rubber Factory

Crookedhook - Breathe Pollution

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5 song ep from Crookedhook. Sore Loser/Rubber Factory
review by Onofre

Crookedhook's third EP, "Breathe Pollution," is five tracks of catchy punk-pop medleys. The songs span a variety of themes from environmental concerns to social commentary on music and fashion ideals. Gang vocals and guitar solos are common throughout the EP along with an element of ska. This four-piece has an original style of fusing punk and ska and its made clear on the second track, "Ends Meet." ...A few special guest vocalists appear on the EP as well. Steve Rawles (Belvedere) appears on "Breathe Pollution," and Simon Paik (Permanent Bastards), Walker Ferri (Movie Music) and Gideon Naf (Phat Bastard) appear on "Just About Time." The EP clocks in just under 17 minutes"

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