Murmurs - Fly With The Unkindness tape
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Murmurs - Fly With The Unkindness tape

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Tape released by Stay Punk Tapes in 2012. 100 copies

Fly with the Unkindness:
This eight track album features seven great songs and one that is nothing short of perfection. Across both sides of the record, Murmurs cranks out gritty, melodic punk rock that is infectious and well crafted. However, on "Thirty Five Summers," there is just over three minutes of musical synergy that results in a track so sublime it's almost impossible to do it justice with mere words. From the moment I heard the sweet opening salvo of the guitar I was left in a jibbering heap, with my condition only being compounded as the rest of the song fell into place, leaving me in a state of awe. If I said that the song was anything other than BLOODY AWESOME, I'd be selling it short(the guitars, the rhythm section, and the vocals blend together magnificently to highlight a stunning piece of song writing and execution. It's not often I hear something as outstanding as "Thirty Five Summers," hence my unfettered exuberance. äóñRich Cocksedge from RazorcakeŒæ (LP out on Dead Broke & Drunken Sailor)

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