Sinkin' Ships - All Signs Are Wrong
Wounded Paw

Sinkin' Ships - All Signs Are Wrong

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"I can't think of any bands to compare these folks to because they're really in a league of their own. They've got a ton of heart that really bleeds through on "Broken Hearts Are Blue" and "See Sharp." (daveY Jones/Exclaim!) Listening to The Sinkin' Ships is like being mauled by Johnny Cash, Social Distortion, The Exploited, Tiger Army, and Tsunami Bomb all at once. Easy comparisons to TILT or JINGO DE LUNCH in the vocals. As horrific as that may all sound, it works out to extraordinary results. (Wounded Paw/Spinerazor) "Naomi Allan croons confidently and liltingly, even as the hardcore cacophony underneath her builds to a thunder."- Punk Planet

Recorded by Rob Sanzo at Signal To Noise
1 Broken Hearts Are Blue
2 Tits On Toast
3 Shits Tight
4 Bad Bad Bad
5 See Sharp
6 Breakdown
7 On & On
8 Garbage Island
9 The Ballad Of Down
10 Where Are You Now?


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