v/a Bottle Of Smoke compilation
Rubber Factory

v/a Bottle Of Smoke compilation

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26 bands, 12 pg booklet of photos and flyers
from the late-ninties to the early 2000's.
Documenting a short period in the incestuous
Toronto-York Region punk youth connection at
the turn of the century. Period covers the
evolution of the bands and people that became:
Sinkin' Ships, Summer of '92, The Rosie Jones
Band, Whiskey Hearts, LeBarons, Blastcaps,
Cactus Vella, and Dogs.

Punk Planet #66
This way above average compilation showcases a number of bands from Toronto. ...There í_s something for everyone here, with many sub genres represented, and it made me wonder what other overlooked Canadian bands might be lurking out there. _(AE)_

My main man, Johnny D, has erected this 26-song monstrosity of Toronto rock as a homage to an abandoned warehouse and the rock n' skating vagrants who called it home for a number of years. Sure, the rubber factory ended up meeting it's fiery demise by the very people who helped create it, but the music has survived in one cleverly named cultural treasure chest of high octane, gasoline-streaked, dog n' pony mayhem.

Bottle of Smoke is, for all pretenses, a family affair. It could have been called the Cactus Vella, Jason Dwyer, and Chris MacDonald show, seeing as how these guys appear in six, five, and three different bands each, respectively. And we'd be remiss to excuse Johnny D., who plays in two bands himself, namely Dogs and The Insultilators. But hey, since when is a scene not a scene, ya know? And there's still plenty of other rotten roll to sift through, including unhealthy helpings of punk, screamo, and straight up cinder block riff rawk. Highlights on this one include perennial Hero favs "To the Cliff" (Goat Horn), R'NR (Cheerleader 666), "Cutthroat" (Maximum RNR), and "Butterball" (Flashlight Brown), and some new and worthy blood, "Mayday" (Sinkin' Ships) and "Nowhere Too Fast" (Downbelows). The only thing that could have made this kick ass compilation supremely more ROCK is the inclusion of Red Light Rippers, Crash Kelly, and Damn 13. But we're not gonna let a little oversight like that stop us from rockin', are we friends? I didn't think so.

So here it is, Canada's answer to whatever it is we have to answer to in the rock n' roll universe. And if you still ain't convinced, then just ask Sleaze why it is that at least half the bands on the forthcoming Cock N' Roll II album are from Canada.
-The Hero

1 äóñSinkin' Ships May Day
2 äóñThe Downbelows Nowhere Too Fast
3 äóñMaximum RNR Cutthroat
4 äóñTwo Bombs Dry Spell
5 äóñAnd Hell Followed Get A Life
6 äóñCold Blue Sky Grant Me The Grace
7 äóñGoat Horn To The Cliff
8 äóñRandom Killing Creed
9 äóñ2 Pump Louie Possessed By The Devil
10 äóñDogs Scorpions Of The Night
11 äóñThe Fallout Talkin' Punk Rock Civil War
12 äóñThe Class Assassins All The Way
13 äóñBlastcaps The Safety Dance
14 äóñCheerleader666 R'nr
15 äóñFlashlight Brown Butterball (acoustic)
16 äóñCactus Vella The Rhythm and the Rebel
17 äóñHigh Resolution Norma Rae
18 äóñInsultilators Mangiacake Nonsense
19 äóñDayglo Abortions Shred Central (live)
20 äóñNo Man's Land Place To Belong
21 äóñLong Time Coming Cold As Stone
22 äóñStronghold Days Of Memory
23 äóñThe Fire Side Band Evolution
24 äóñBlundermen Objector
25 äóñBombshelter Passing Days
26 äóñTrevor Black Never Understand

The first release on Toronto label Rubber Factory is appropriately enough
a compilation of Toronto rock. Consequently you get 25 tracks from 25 bands
that demonstrate the quality, class and diversity of the bands performing and
recording in the area.

From the sonic intensity of hardcore trio And Hell Followed and their äóÖGet A Life'
the powerful female fronted Sinkin' Ships, the chug'n'riff metal of Goat Horn,
the beefy punk rock of Random Killing, the anguished metal of The DOGS,
the direct hardcore of The Fallout, the warped pop-punk of Blastcaps,
ξthe dirty distorted rock'n'roll of Cheerleader 666,
acoustic rock courtesy of Cactus, the madcap mayhem of The Insultilators,
the classic skate punk of Dayglo Abortions, the intensity of hardcore
four piece Long Time Coming, the gutsy attack of Blundermen and closer,
the speedy raw edged hardcore of Bombshelter. Surprising, entertaining and a lot of fun.
Welcome to Toronto folks! -Sean McGhee

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