Medictation - Warm Places cassette
Rubber Factory

Medictation - Warm Places cassette

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Dickie Hammond's untimely and recent passing shook not only those closest to him but also the punk world as whole, such was his influence and the positive impact that he had on the community. Whilst most of us are familiar with the majority of Dickie's works, his final pieces have not been released, until now.

Following the demise of Leatherface in 2013, Dickie Hammond and Graeme Philliskirk (also of Leatherface) joined Hugo Mudie, Fred Jaques and Julien Blais (all of Montreal, Canada's The Sainte Catherine's) to form Medictation.
Medictation went on to record their debut LP "Warm Places", which was due to be announced early last year before the aforementioned events overtook. Now (following the blessings received from Dickie's mother and son), Medictation are able to release and share Dickie's final works. (Little Rocket)

This cassette was produced for Medictation's summer 2016 Canadian tour by Little Rocket & Rubber Factory. 104 copies

Tracklisting: 1. Memories of Youth 2. Secret of the Marlins 3. Gods and Glory 4. Fishing 5. The Last Rainfall 6. Saptor Raptor 7. Sweet and Sour 8. My Friends Will Call 9. Paranoid 10. Stalingrad