Joe Q Citizen - With No Due Respect
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Joe Q Citizen - With No Due Respect

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With No Due Respect_: CD
This band is from San Jose, CA, and contains ex-members of the well-liked defunct band Whiskey Sunday. On this effort, they crank out eleven songs of tuneful, melodic punk. While they don't exactly share the same sound, I can definitely hear a Descendents influence here, especially in the vocal melodies (although the vocal delivery is far more gruff than Milo ever was). It's a decent effort, and I'll be curious to see how they mature as a band. äóñMark Twistworthy - Razorcake (L'ecurie,

1- Pickled Punk
2- Her Shit!
3- Drunk And Mean
4- Spying For The Other Side
5- Low Serotonin
6- Everything Must Go
7- Car Crash Compulsion
8- Incommunicado
9- 2-D Man
10- Dumb In Love
11- S.O.B

Band Line Up

Dover One- Lead Guitar-Vocals
Rob Fraser- Bass
Julian Ostrow- Drums
Chachi '95- Guitar- Back Vocals

When Whiskey Sunday died in 2009, Joe Q Citizen was born. Joe Q Citizen is a punk band from San Jose, California. They play short and catchy straight up punk rock songs form the heart. A mix between old Descendents and Leatherface. Gruff vocals, poppy guitar lines, great melodies and a " i don't give a fuck" attitude that could offend people that care too much about their shoes...With no due respect.

Dover's current band (2016) is called Complaint Box on on Vinehell
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