Shatterhand - Cigarette Crossfire split 7"
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Shatterhand - Cigarette Crossfire split 7"

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Shatterhand: Craft beer fuelled socio-political outcasts from the industrial wasteland of Scotland. With hints of Leatherface and Hot Water Music, their blend of powerful DIY Hardcore punk and heart on the sleeve integrity, has won them friends wherever they have rolled into town. Cigarette Crossfire is a four-piece punk band formed in 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. The band plays guitar-driven, politically charged, rough yet catchy punk rock in the vein of Hot Water Music, Leatherface and Finland's own Manifesto Jukebox. Continuing the legacy of the hard-working bands on Combat Rock Industry, Cigarette Crossfire started touring internationally right after their first seven-inch.

This is also the first vinyl release by Shatterhand and the first ever release by Cigarette Crossfire. 500 pressed on 5 different colors. (Dk. Purple in stock)