Silverwigs 1st album cat head lady with pink tights
Nice'n Easy

Silverwigs s/t cd

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[Vo/Gt/Ayaka]  [Vo/Gt/secchi]
徳島。nice’n easy
Silverwigs first album on CD 13 songs

"man woman melodic punk band MADWIFE of Tokushima changed its name to SILVERWIGS and released its 1st album! 13 songs included. SNUFFY SMILE A melodic band reminiscent of a melodic band that sounds just like Japanese melodic! The atmosphere of PEAR OF THE WEST, URCHIN, WHAT-A-NIGHT'S, and TURNCOAT will also be felt. There was an occasional rock and roll arrangement, and I felt Kyushu melodic taste there. I guess I guess I like BLEW. That means a band that should be checked if you are a domestic melodic lover! The melody of the guitar that keeps on crying is heard! It seems that there will be a split with BASEMENT BENDERS in the future! I could not find that I could watch it, but please rest assured. I think that almost no one knows the 9th "LIFE" but I remembered A SINGLE WORD. (O)"

Translated from Waterslide / Boss Tuneage Japan listing