The Sainte Catherines - The Soda Machine cd & dvd

The Sainte Catherines - The Soda Machine cd & dvd

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Soda Machine cd + dvd

cd 25 songs incl. old 'Those Stars Are For You' album and tons more
dvd the soda machine, a film by Sophie Fortier et Audrey Gauthier, Sainte Cath documentary including the boys touring with Leatherface et Fifth Hour Hero


Indica Records 2008 DVD includes feature documentary + music videos cameos from Fat Mike, Chicken, Fifth Hour Hero, Leatherface and previous Ste4 members. CD tracklist: 01. Still Not Getting Any...Credibility 02. Theme Song For Another Brown Tuesday 03. My Ass Is On Fuego, What About Yours ? 04. Hardcore Is Stupid 05. Sour Grapes 06. Burn Guelph Burn 07. There's Shit In Your Veggie Dog 08. Fuck The Truck 09. Westward Bound 10. Broken Cigarette 2004 11. October 4th: The international day of lies 2004 12. The Unforgiven 3 (Best Song Ever) 13. Sweetness Kills 14. Aderman, Adermna, Mais Qu'est Ce Que Tu A Fait Aderman ? 15. The International Badminton Championship: La P'Tite Grise VS Jef 16. Drinking Anti Freeze For Fun 17. You Smell Like Greed Dirty Bastard 18. Fuck G-20, Go V-8 ! 19. You Shall Rise Again From Your Own Ashes 20. October 4th: The International Day Of Lies 21. There's Shit In Your Veggie Dog 22. Spare Change Zone 4 23. Trade Your Life For Mags 24. Powerless Power 25. Bright Stars

It's taken some time but these Montrealers' 2006 full-length, Dancing for Decadence, has been crawling into the hearts of dudes and ladies who love Leatherface and beer for the last two years. It's safe to say that the Sainte Catherines are one of the strongest punk bands currently pounding the shit out of the Trans Canada highway, which is why The Soda Machine has arrived at just the right time. A full-length documentary about the band's ten-year career, plus a disc of 25 rare and unreleased songs, it's a full serving of gritty, honest and incredibly catchy punk rock. The film is an engaging look at what it means to be a touring act in this country, following the band from hall shows to no one to a huge 500th show in their native Montreal. While every band and their mother seem to have a DVD these days, few are actually worth watching but The Soda Machine is just a simple and compelling story about a group of people killing themselves to do what they love. The CD is a perfect complement; the unreleased tracks from the Dancing sessions are exciting, while demos from eight years ago show a band with a lot of promise and the endearing innocence of very, very teenage songwriting. Surprisingly consistent and listenable for such a large collection, it offers some real gems like "Trade Your Life For Mags" and a cover of Three Penny Opera's "Sweetness Kills." -Sam Sutherland