v/a Hours And Hours: A Tribute To Seaweed
Engineer Records

v/a Hours And Hours: A Tribute To Seaweed

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  • "This is it. You need this. Live and learn, this band was/is essential!" Wide array of styles showcasing 17 artists spanning the post-hardcore, punk, indie and metal genre's paying tribute.
  • All tracks previously unreleased and unique to this release.
  • ""Features two notably unique artist collaborations featuring WE.RE ALL BROKEN, THURSDAY, THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM (trk 9) as well as (trk 3) between THE RECEIVING END OF SIRENS and MONEEN members, plus debut 'solo' offerings from Ryan Mills and Rob Avery.
  • All tracks previously unreleased and unique to this release.
  • ""Bonus Feature contains actual SEAWEED 'live' footage circa 1992, shot and submitted by fans, edited as a Quicktime Video
  • "'Artwork production by the cutting edge 'Sons of Nero' design team

Track Listing

  1. Ryan Millsξ- Start With
  2. Four Star Alarmξ- Squint
  3. The Company We Keep (TREOS/Moneen)ξ- Steadfast Shrine
  4. Favezξ- Free Drug Zone
  5. Stephen Brodskyξ- Chalk The Cracks
  6. Noraξ- Clean Slate
  7. Elemaeξ- Magic Mountainman
  8. The Action Design (ex-Tsunami Bomb)ξ- Kid Candyξ[mp3]
  9. The Porter (WAB, Thursday, Gaslight Anthem)ξ- Common Mistake
  10. Killwhitneydead.ξ- Baggage
  11. Look What I Didξ- One Out Of FOur
  12. The Fire Still Burnsξ- Crush Us All
  13. The Story Changesξ- Antilyrical
  14. Worlds Between Usξ- Card Tricks
  15. Joshuaξ- Stargirl
  16. Kane Hodderξ- Stagger
  17. Rob Avery (of Boysetsfire)ξ- Losing Skin

SEAWEED began releasing material on their own Leopard Gecko imprint in 1989, before releasing a vinyl single with K Records, signing to Sub Pop a few years later for their career building albums Despised, Weak and Four. Then Hollywood Records picked the band up in 1993 and released their largest album to date, 1995äó_s Spanaway, their bombastic major label offering. Lasting only a single album on Hollywood, the band and label unhitched and SEAWEED then moved back to the indies. Merge Records issued their final release in 1999. Actions and Indications turned into their swan song and the band split later that same year. SEAWEED's decade of existence came to an end, yet their influence remains constant through the shifting tides of post-punk's underground today.

SEAWEED had the blood, sweat and intensity which musically charged us in our formative years, as well as both the attitude and spirit which we look for in music today. With HOURS AND HOURS: A TRIBUTE TO SEAWEED, we present to you our second 'tribute' on Engineer (the first being Shudder To Think; 2003) to another band that holds an integral influence over our label. Seventeen bands from various countries show that SEAWEED's influence was not one-sided. From post-punk to metal, hardcore to indie-rock and even singer-songwriter, such a diverse roster was purposely chosen. Many of these bands are influental themselves in today's vibrant music scene, busy on various taste-making record labels, yet still humble enough to help us realize this project. With a blessing by the members of Seaweed themselves to launch this project, alongside a handful of reunion shows last year (2007) and the possibility of new music this year (2008), SEAWEED is proving it's heart is still on it's sleeve in reaching fans new and old. (ENGINEER)