Life Giving Waters - Almost There...
Unsane Asylum

Life Giving Waters - Almost There...

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The 2nd full length album from Life Giving Waters (Finland). Pressed in the far away land of Russia in a gorgeous digipak! Limited to 500 copies.

Life Giving Waters is a Finnish melodic hardcore punk band that includes four guys: Ile (voice), Ilkka (guitar), Eric (bass) and Joose (drums).

They have released three EP's and a re-realease of Minor Disaster on casette with three new tracks. Then in 2009 their final album on both digipak and gatefold lp, Almost Thereäó_


cd released by Unsane Asylum, Automobiledrivemusic, ___Áãó___Á _ì_Ÿãó_Á Records
lp released by Automobiledrivemusic, Hockey Champ, Roku Records, Supo Records

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