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Hello visitor, here is our new home. We are still under construction, some items may be missing info, broken music players etc. Sign up for the newsletter and I will update you when we are fully functional. The store accepts crypto, paypal, visa and mc. Shipping from Canada, currency converter at the top of the page. Thanks!

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  • John on

    Hi Graham, thanks for you post. There is a rotating postal strike in Canada which I have no control over. We spoke with on Nov 2 about a size not in stock which we then fixed delaying your first order. We then bundled your orders and sent both out after some correspondence, I sent you some extra stuff too. Sit tight and let me know when it arrives. I’m very sorry about this, the mail strike is hurting a lot of people this time of year. It’s been about 9 bus days since sending, I hope it moves soon. Thank you -J

  • punk on

    wondering if you do trades?

  • Graham Reid on

    Can you advise when I am likely to receive the 2 orders I placed on the 14th and 25th October. Order numbers 1011 and 1013. I have just seen the comments about not buying anything? If this is not going to be in the next 4 weeks can you please refund my card with immediate effect.

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