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Hi everyone, its been a busy couple years here at headquarters. I want to thank everyone that has ordered anything from here. I really don't advertise anywhere except for RAZORCAKE and kind words by Stephe Perry on the radio at EQUALIZING X DISTORT, not to mention friends here and abroad like LITTLE ROCKET, ARTCORE, UNSANE ASYLUM that send people to the store for those rare and hard to find items.

Coming up I have a new RF compilation called "The First 17 Years" with a song from every release, finally a bandcamp page, a Pouzzafest retrospective video, and budget permitting, tapes by BIG SAD (TAMPA w. members of Calirmel, The Tim Version, Watson and Vaginasore Jr.) and ABBESSE re-release (Quebec, Gen from Fifth Hour Hero).

Thanks everyone and stay strong, and take care of your mental and physical, I'm trying myself. I have a small city yard and last week I put a sheet of plywood down and skated it. It felt really good to be in the sun again and playing pretend "z-boy" on my little flatground platform.

Find and instrument and crush the negative feelings, or channel them into a song. I believe rocking out really hard to intense music is kind of like a 'workout' just keep jumping and moving! It's really crazy out there and know you are loved and we can't wait to see you in person again, at fest, at the show, in the basements, in the park, It WILL happen again so stay positive until then. Lots of love from the family at Rubber Factory. John, Margot, Christine and Cole.

DL Burdon (Anchor Bends, Former Cell Mates) was in Toronto last Dec. We had an impromptu 'show' in a rehearsal factory jam space. You can check out "Welcome Back to Nothing" from that session here

I recently programmed a couple sets on ExD, check out the demo feature by THE VAPIDS, as well as the video for "I Am The Coronovirus" here

You can check out some of my old Razorcake poscasts here



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