Four Letter Word - Like Moths To A Flame
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Four Letter Word - Like Moths To A Flame

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Punk rock band formed in 1991 in Cardiff, U.K. Released debut EP in 1995, debut album in 1998 on BYO Records. Toured U.S./Canada in 1998. Released second album on BYO in 1999 before Trade Mark issues with the first of many name claimers. FLW fought and won and soldiered on releasing two further albums and a handful of EPs, toured the U.S. again, before in 2011 they called it a day after 20 years. (from Artcore fanzine)

FOUR LETTER WORD return with their third full-length album, and their first in five years, Like Moths to a Flame (2004) Concentrating on memorable songwriting, the band continues to shine with an eclectic, political, and powerful sound that knocks most punk sub-genres on their bloated asses. Recorded by Frankie N. W. Stubbs. Comes with 16 pg lyric booklet with Welly's signature design work.

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