Here Come The Intrepids - s/t
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Here Come The Intrepids - s/t

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Released by Fixing A Hole in Japan, HERE COME THE INTREPIDS is the acoustic project of singer Martin Edmunds and guitarist Keith Jones. All the previous punk bands Ed has sung for over the past 20 years (ANNALISE , WORDBUG and MAD AT THE SUN - have all had their flirtations with acoustic based material, but HERE COME THE INTREPIDS takes that as a base and creates a compelling 12 track totally acoustic album. (from artisttrove)

Here Come The Intrepids is kind of like acoustic Annalise mixed with Frankie Stubbs and Nick Drake -x1984x

1. Alien Of Human?
2. Colour Behind My Eyes
3. Battles
4. Me And You Against The World
5. Star 73
6. Young Hearts Explode
7. Earthbound
8. All The Things We Could Do...
9. Hey Joni
10. Aim Higher
11. Alien Or Human? (Part 2)
12. Between The Mo

1000 CDs pressed in Japan via Fixing-A-Hole and released digitally via Unsane Asylum. Includes lyric booklet


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