Pseudo - s/t

Pseudo - s/t

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3 brothers play punk rock music in the town of Toronto Mikhail Castro - Drums Jonathan Lyte - Guitar, Vocals Liam Lachmansingh - Bass, Vocals

Pseudo has recorded 1 studio EP (this page), 2 independently recorded and produced EPs, and 1 studio single. After many shows across Torotno's punk and diy landscapeξ and a recent push into Toronto's music scene, Pseudo has honed their hardcore punk sound while balancing it with pop-punk and progressive elements to create a well-rounded power band that knows no limits to creativity, spunk, rhythm, and style. drawing influence from the likes of Propagandhi, The Flatliners, Rise Against, PUP, Jeff Rosenstock, NOFX, and Against Me! (to name a few. 6 songs

I saw them at their first show ever and was pretty hyped -JDM

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