Sinkin' Ships - Late For Everything
Anxiety Attack

Sinkin' Ships - Late For Everything

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"I can't think of any bands to compare these folks to because they're really in a league of their own. They've got a ton of heart that really bleeds through..." (daveY Jones/Exclaim!)

Sinkin' Ships 3rd and final full length, aka, the straw that broke the camel's back! Produced by Iam Blurton (C'mon, Change of Heart, Blurtonia) In they decade or so they were active, they were a Toronto staple, hosting and playing tons of shows with a large cross section of local punk bands, and some of our favorite local and touring bands like Nomeansno and Leatherface! I'm stoked to have been the original stunt bassist -JDM

Listening to The Sinkin' Ships is like being mauled by Johnny Cash, Social Distortion, The Exploited, Tiger Army, and Tsunami Bomb all at once. Easy comparisons to TILT or JINGO DE LUNCH in the vocals. As horrific as that may all sound, it works out to extraordinary results -Wounded Paw

Naomi Allan - Vocals
Cactus Vella - Lead Guitar
Mark "Ding Dong" Harpur - Guitar
Mike "Taco" Hawco - Bass
Gary Cozocar - Drums

Past Members:
Dan Farr - Drums
Jeff Robertson - Drums
Kearnzey - Drums
Sean Dignan - Drums
Gabor Soos - Drums
Rick Groulx - Bass
John Di Marco - Bass

100 cds pressed total, sleeved cd ships flat