The Burnitdowns - The Ugly One cd
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The Burnitdowns - The Ugly One cd

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Delivering their acoustic-based punk rock with uncompromising passion and aggression, the Burnitdowns create an impressive atmosphere on The Ugly One. Dynamic, the album flows between twang-y chug, a borderline Celtic/gutter punk rock drive and full-on blast, thereby blending the influences of Johnny Cash, Rise Against and early AFI with ease. Still, the bandŒÍs ability to stack wavering vocal melodies over the most sublime of rhythmic passages creates intense layers for what seem like otherwise straight-forward tunes such as "IŒÍm GoinŒÍ Out,Œî "Rhythm And BoozeŒî and "Quarantine.Œî

The production rides the line between technical perfection and edgy live so perfectly itŒÍs almost disturbing. These 11 tracks fly by with paced power that necessitates further listening to ensure one actually got it all. Sounding like a band with far more years under their belts than their fresh faces would indicate, The Ugly One is a stellar introduction to countrified punk rock for a new generation and a hard reminder of its importance for the callous old one. (Exclaim! review)