The Class Assassins - State Of Emergency

The Class Assassins - State Of Emergency

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Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, the Class Assassins tear a page from the much-abused book of punk rock and add a few new ones as well. Although Toronto is home to plenty of full on hardcore punk bands, the Class Assassins are a cut above the rest, possibly due to some freak genetic mutation. Perhaps there is something in the water supply besides the usual toxic waste that causes otherwise normal mothers to breed children with an affinity for high voltage punk rock. If that is indeed the case, then the Class Assassins have absorbed enough of that deadly chemical to become Toronto's reigning punk rock royalty, and they sit firmly atop that booze-drenched throne like the seasoned veterans they truly are. Or maybe there is nothing dangerous in the water. Maybe whatever Toronto has in the beer. The Class Assassins have been around since 2001, but the members hail from many infamous Toronto acts such as Direct Action, Bitter Grin, Problem Children, Sinkin' Ships, Chronic Submission, and Hockey Teeth. Despite this impressive pedigree, the boys are not overly ambitious, and have only released two proper studio albums and three singles to date. -Chris Walterξ

1. The Class Assassins 2. Urban Rebel 3. Full Control 4. Freedom 5. All the Way 6. Grain of Sand 7. Uprise 8. Behind Your Screen 9. For the Kids 10. Hard Times 11. No Justice 12. Without Warning