The Sainte Catherines - Dancing For Decadence cd

The Sainte Catherines - Dancing For Decadence cd

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Dancing for Decadance review from Buttertooth:
"I had the pleasure of drinking with these Canucks in Gainesville, FL for Fest III. I can honestly say that they live what they sing about. Pissed about the state of the world, government corruption, dispossessed poor, power in the hands of the rich, etc. This record, as well as their last, is an angry yet melodic voice of discontent. Scum pride for the dirty drunk in all of us. Raise one fistful of whiskey and the make the other available for throwing the Molotov cocktail to burn down City Hall. Best line, "I'm waiting for a sign from god or his son. Don't call him Christ. I lost faith years ago when I came to love life." They have a sense of humor as well, saying in the song "Emo-ti-Cons:Punk Rock Experts," about themselves nonetheless, "They're a clone of Born Against, I can hear some Lifetime, he can't sing, the drummer's not tight, and there's no passion." There's a song apparently playing on the best Refused record entitled, "The Shape of Drunks to Come". This is their first Fat Wreck release. I think The Sainte Catharines beats the hell out of Lagwagon and Face To Face. äóñButtertooth (Razorcake)